AR Trac Support Tickets

AR Trac is used to obtain support from the Web, DTP and Mail Center staff using the AR Trac Ticket System.

The AR Trac Ticketing System is used for staff distribution and can also be used as a forecasting tool.
Notify the department supervisor of any anticipated work that will be forth coming. When a job is ready
it should then be added into AR Track Ticketing system. This will help during the busy work periods and
when special supplies are needed. For example, DTP would like to know when meeting brochures are coming
and the mail center would benefit when it comes to special print jobs and unique paper requirements.

Review this training for answers to your questions: W:\AR Trac Ticketing\AR Trac for Initiators.ppsx

To add a support ticket:

  1. Obtain the G/L number for the job.
  1. Obtain a Job Ticket and Job Bag (if necessary)and complete the paperwork
  1. Login to the AR Trac System: User Name = First Initial and Last Name (i.e., csluboski) and your password is the same. NOTE: If this doesn't work, contact Karan Murray.
  1. Select the New Ticket link



  1. SUMMARY: START WITH THE CLIENT ACRONYM then Describe the project briefly but with enough detail that it is clear the scope of the project (i.e., DESIGN - Annual Meeting Program Book)

  1. DESCRIPTION: Provide more detail and instructions also indicate if you are including attachments providing more detail. ALSO, you can include file paths for documents that relate to this job.

  1. PRIORITY: NOTE: When selecting the priority consider the following:

Urgent: Anything that prevents vital day-to-day business (for example: a member is unable to access netFORUM)

High: An issue needs to be looked into as soon as possible, but does not prevent day-to-day business (for example, fixing membership status or cancelling registrations)

Medium: Event Setup, Reporting Needs or Questions on how to perform tasks in netFORUM or errors found in testing functionality (for example, need a publication or event set up, help on how to change a membership type, report or query needed)

Low: These are asthetic issues or general question which can be worked on but are not a priority (for example, there is a misaligned fields, questions on a module not used, but would like more information on)

  1. SEVERITY: Billable or Unbillable (If billable, a G/L Number, Print Code, Paper Invoice and Job Bag are required.)
  1. CC: Karan Murray receives emails for all JOBS. You can add other email addresses to the end if you want, separate them with a comma.
  1. CLIENT: Enter the Association full Acronym (i.e., IACLEA or IALHA)
  1. DUE DATE: Enter the date the project is expected to be completed by.
  1. STATUS: Defaults to NEW. NOTE: the person accomplishing the task will UPDATE. HOWEVER, when the job is finished the INITIATOR is required to return and APPROVE, Fix and close the job.
  1. START DATE: Enter the projected start date.
  1. COMPONENT: select the Department or the Module being addressed by this ticket. It could also be used to indicate the type of work it is (i.e., Client Website), the netFORUM module to work with (Emarketing) or the department (DTP). SELECT ONE!
  1. KEYWORD: Add descriptive search phrases

  1. DEPARTMENT: Select the department that is working on the project (NOTE: select DTP/Web if it will be worked on by both departments)
  1. GENERAL LEDGER NO.: If this is a billable job, this is a REQUIRED field AND you should Create the Paper Invoice and Job Bag NOW

  1. PRINT CODE: This is REQUIRED for DTP and Mail Center (Jobs PAPER FORMS should be completed)

  1. PHASE / STEP CODE: If this is unbillable, enter a phase and step code that should be used to track time
  1. OWNER: Enter the person accomplishing the tasks FIRST INITIAL (lowercase) and LAST NAME (lowercase), the name must be spelled correctly. (i.e., dperrotti, afazzino, lkohanski, ppiertuszka, csluboski, kmurray)
  1. "I HAVE FILES TO ATTACH TO THIS TICKET." If you have indicated there are attachments, check the "I have files to attach to this ticket." If you have attachments and have not indicated that in the DESCRIPTION, please add the "attachment names" to the description.

Select CREATE TICKET and add attachments. NOTE: There are size limits and the attachments are not available to replace the job bage, the paper invoice and job bag are still a requirement.

If it is necessary for you to modify the ticket select the ticket number and select MODIFY


You will receive an email at each of these bench marks:

  • ASSIGNED - no response necessary
  • STARTED - no response necessary
  • CHANGES/Updates - Response is required
  • COMPLETE, PENDING REVIEW - RESPONSE REQUIRED: TEST the report or job as necessary.

DO NOT HIT REPLY to the email, select the link, open the email and select the
link to your ticket at the bottom of the email and REPLY to comments.

When your testing is complete and the job is done to your satisfaction, open the email and select the
link to your ticket at the bottom of the email.

Either MODIFY THE TICKET to Close the ticket OR select ADD A COMMENT or SELECT ATTACHMENTS to add more attachments.

AR Trac Reports

To review the present reports:

  1. select the View Tickets link.

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